Microsoft's Visual FoxPro

Microsoft has written off Visual FoxPro {VFP} as an older legacy system. But the database performs better in 2020, than it did in the 1990's.

Linking other applications into VFP is pretty straight forward. Examples include:

  • printing or scanning barcodes
  • shipment verification against open orders
  • instant print of shipping documents from what was scanned
  • emailing orders, order confirmations, or invoices
  • connection to EDI and more

If you have an existing FoxPro system, want to enhance it to run in Windows 10, or add more features, we'll provide a free evaluation and discuss different avenues on how to improve the system.

Before writing off Visual FoxPro, and performing a major upgrade, contact us for an honest evaluation of making changes to improve your applications performance and features in Windows 10 and the future.

Gold Ray Web specializes in develop systems for distribution and manufacturing using Visual FoxPro. We have been working with FoxPro since its birth in the early 1990's and have upgraded many clients so their systems can continue to function in the 2020's.