Google's Analytics

From Gold Ray Web's perspective, this is the heart and center of a website.

Data coming from Analytics enables us to understand how visitors got to the site, how long they stayed, what they examined, demographics of where visitors came from, and how interested they were.

Data can be obtained almost on-line, and becomes more accurate after a 24 hour period.

We compare numbers from day to day, week to week, etc. and spot trends.

Those trends tell us what is working, and what needs to be modified.

We go back and change the website and/or the Internet advertising campaign, wait a period, and then reexamine the data. Over time, this looping process enables us to engineer a website into a wonderful working environment for promoting your services or products.

When a website is new, this needs an intense amount of work.

The data needs to be checked to insure Google (and Bing, etc.) show the site in searches.

Internet advertising needs to be run to push visitors to the site. (Discussed more on the AdWords.)

When changes are made, we need to monitor the results.

Once a site is performing well, we can reduce our involvement and your costs.

We still recommend a periodic check, at least once a month, to insure the campaign is working.

There are changes. For example you may wish to increase or decrease Internet advertising, competition may have jumped ahead of your position, there may be new services you wish to promote, or there may be a seasonal special that should be offered.

Gold Ray Web is a registered Google Partner and knowledgeable about Analytics.