Who is Gold Ray Web

Barry - With over 30 years experience as a business expert and entrepreneur, Barry Goldstein, has provided enterprise solutions from small businesses up to Fortune 500.

In 1977, Barry founded a software consulting firm that steadily grew, one client at a time, until it had an impressive client base, stretching from small businesses to corporate giants like Procter & Gamble, Wachovia (now Wells Fargo), Rubbermaid, Hanes, Jockey Int'l, and many more.

In 1998 the successful software business was sold. Gold Ray Web was founded - focused on helping companies and organizations maximize their use of the Internet based technologies to effectively market their products and services - and significantly increase sales and profits.

As a true self starter and businessman, Barry goes far beyond in-depth technical knowledge. He ascertains how to utilize technology for each project that is undertaken. And quickly moves it forward to help generate profits and control costs.

Leo - our staff therapist and one of our "founders". Leo was adopted in 2006 as a "rescue" golden retriever.

He constantly reminded us to laugh, the need to play catch, how therapeutic a belly rub can be to both the giver and receiver, and to be kind with everyone.

Leo's main responsibility was to make us walk 4 - 5 miles per day (about 3-1/2 miles early in the morning, the balance in the afternoon). Leo is no longer with us, but we still exercise everyday.

Leo stressed the importance of not being a vegetarian and eating a balanced meal that periodically includes meats that can be shared.

Heidi - over 20 years ago, in a true merger of equals, Heidi came on board to manage our back office controls.

As one can only imagine in a small business, this involves all types of monitoring and providing guidance. Heidi double checks that every client receives their weekly, or twice monthly analyses, and that Leo and I spend some time working and not just playing with the dog.