Non Profit Marketing

Getting and installing advertising grants from Google and Microsoft is not a simple matter. Not all organizations qualify. Finding and boosting the audience can be significant work.

Gold Ray Web is a Google Engage Partner with experience handling this unique niche. Unfortunately we can not offer our services for free. But our work is available at very, very reasonable rates for non-profits. And we deliver a fantastic quality to help your website get noticed by hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors each month, generating significant donations.

Similar to "for profit" organizations, we promote the website with advertising, and monitor the results to measure the impact and further enhance the growth.

With years of marketing and operational experience, Gold Ray Web quickly grasps the requirements and goals, and works to your benefit.

Gold Ray Web does not develop websites. We are not interested in replacing what already exists. Instead we will analyze the existing website by the way visitors react to it. From this data we will make suggestions how to improve, and work with the website development team to bring it into effect.

Data Access
All our clients want access to their data. We agree.
using Google's Analytics and AdWords to improve website performance
When we setup Google's AdWords, Analytics, and Webmaster Tools, we provide you with complete access rights. This is your data, you have full rights to the information. You are not obligated to use our services forever, nor do we own the data.

• Internet Advertising
Search based queries worked when there were only a few sites on the Internet. There is now a scramble to be at the top. Internet advertising from Google, AdWords , and Microsoft, adCenter, provide non-obtrusive tools to jump over the other sites. The ads guide viewers to specific pages at a website with a reasonable price. When combined with analysis,
we determine if the advertising is successful and what changes need to be incorporated to further enhance it.