Promoting Business • An Online Strategy

Websites offer an interactive method to communicate with prospects and clients.                     
Most firms develop a nice looking website, and wait for clients.
Good websites evolve, by using data from visitors to guide improvements.
Gold Ray Web will increase sales and calls by improving your website and online ads.

Online advertising provides a wealth of data about activity at a website.  
using Google's Analytics and AdWords to promote businesses
Knowing how to read this information and what to do with the results can transform a website into a great success.  

This is what differentiates Gold Ray Web from other businesses and why you need our services. We help you define how the Internet can serve your requirements.  We then monitor the website to insure it is obtaining the desired results.  

We're flexible and operate with many organizations:
  • businesses that wish to improve their website investments
  • advertising agencies that want to bring more value to Internet advertising campaigns for their clients
  • website designers who wish to know how their sites are performing and enhance their offerings
As a Google Partner we offer:
(1) detailed analyses of each website 
(2) explanation how users get to the website and improvement suggestions
(3) keyword advertising campaigns and search engine optimization improvements
(4) graphic design suggestion to sustain reader's interests
(5) text modifications to enhance visitors' readership
Gold Ray Web uses three main tools from Google: Webmaster Tools, Analytics, and AdWords. A brief discussion of each is located on the corresponding pages.

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