Services - Market Engineering

We do not specialize in website design services. We work with web designers to improve sites after they have been created by monitoring visitors' feedback and improving how Google indexes the pages. We then oversee an Internet advertising campaign to promote the site.

Gold Ray Web has 20+ years of marketing and operational experience.
helping ad agencies and web developers improve their websites
We quickly grasp the needs of your business and make it our own. We then work with you to develop an Internet advertising strategy that succeeds and fits within your budget .

We examine the existing website and make recommendations. We don't try to sell a new website. Analysis tools are utilized to see how it's performing. We then make recommendations based on the results. We work with the group that developed the website to improve it.

Site Access
Many clients want access to their data. We agree.
using Google's Analytics and AdWords to improve website performance
When we work with Google's AdWords, Analytics, and Webmaster Tool, we provide full access to the information to authorized users in your organization. They can see the information and optionally make changes. You are not obligated to use our services forever in order to utilize the data.

• Internet Advertising
Search based queries worked when there were only a few sites on the Internet. There is now a scramble to be at the top. Internet advertising from Google, AdWords , and Microsoft, adCenter, provide non-obtrusive tools to jump over the other sites. The ads guide viewers to specific pages at a website with a reasonable price. When combined with analysis,
we determine if the advertising is successful and what changes need to be incorporated to further enhance it.

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